The nonfiction book 165 Entries has been cancelled due to my handwritten journal series. I’m really sorry that this is late notice but I’ve been forgetting to tell you guys this! Zeon continues though but this nonfiction book is not continuing.

This is why you aren’t seeing more posts like that anymore. I WILL keep them though because all posts on my blog (except for one of them maybe) count towards my site!

I’m hoping to get the handwritten journal going because I really want to accomplish something awesome! Like really awesome like never before!

Keep the viewing going you guys and the liking too! I want to see those stats digits add up on my site!

An opportunity that just can’t be accepted…

I was just looking at something from the Millionaire’s Digest and I saw that they were taking people to be a part of the team. It was the KEY for me to get the attention I needed.

This is what happened to be honest.

When I saw that you cannot talk about yourself, that’s what threw me off along with revealing your real name (First AND last!). I really wish I could do such an opportunity in order to get all the attention I wanted but I already have my own blog and I also want to do my own thing. That’s what makes my blog…my blog.

I’m very sorry Millionaire’s Digest. I wish I could become a part of the team but I just can’t. Some of the hard work I already did for my blog has happened. Yes I would be able to get much more attention but at the same time sacrifices would be made including how I manage to get all the attention needed for the future.

I’ll send a comment on that post and see if they can look at this post I made because I feel bad that I might not be able to do this.