3 is a Magic Number for my Views…

It’s so weird every time I make a post because I feel like that every time I make one, I happen to get an instant 3 views, which is good don’t get me wrong! I wonder who those three are.

What I’m going to do since this is the last ever post number containing double digits is that the new category WILL come today since I’ll be having triple digits of my total posts from this point on!

Hopefully you guys will enjoy this category. And for my previous post I know I might’ve gotten a little personal there but hopefully you guys get me because all these things I’m doing in life can be very stressful you know!

Be prepared as the first post of truth is coming today!

The Goal for 10+ Posts!

Again! I haven’t posting that much! BUT I’m going to see if I can make TEN POSTS OR MORE today so I can finally get more known to you guys! I’ve been kind of busy and haven’t had time to blog for who knows how long now! Hopefully this doesn’t happen again!

The way this will work is that I will post something in each category, including the very powerful category which will come on post 100! If you guys enjoy this kind of challenge that I’m doing, try it for yourself and see what happens!

I’m SERIOUSLY going to try and see if I can get 10+ posts going today so you guys can see what I’m trying to do! I may even start another category as well called “Dreams” since I talk about them A LOT!

If you guys absolutely love my posts, be sure to check out as many posts from me as you can because by doing that, you’ll add up the views on my stats! Remember as well that every post you see comes from the mind of someone with autism!

Wish me luck on this breathtaking challenge!

75 And Still Alive.

My 75th post. I don’t believe it. And guess what? I managed to get this far. FINALLY.

Now after this post there will be only 20 some posts left to go until I release a very special post, which will happen to be the 100th post I’ve ever made on this blog. I’m glad that some people were able to comment on my posts today. Now I just need to figure out ways to get my audience engaged so it will continue to grow.

I really should start to draft the first ever truth post so I can get a feel for what I plan on writing about for these special posts. Hopefully I will make a TON of posts for the next week. That way I can finally say that I have three digits of posts in my blog.

If you guys can, be sure to look at my ARCHIVES in my blog so you can discover who I really am! And if you enjoy my blog so much, follow me! Always open to anyone following me!

And that KDS logo you’re seeing there was also custom made by me. If you are still reading this, good for you because you’re reading posts coming from the mind of someone with autism!

75 down. INFINITE posts to go.

Live Streams on YouTube are CRAZY!

This is just plain funny that’s what!

I was on a YouTube live stream (A couple of them) and realized that people can get out of control with the comments! Like seriously you guys! What’s up with that?

There was one I did came across by though had like 5-10 comments coming EVERY SECOND! I was ready to have my head explode (Not literally!).

Find it hard to believe me? Look at any YouTube live stream that has 1,000+ people watching it live and see for yourself! I couldn’t even tell people about my blog anyways lol!

Stay updated! Big things are starting to happen here!

The Fourth Post in One Day: An Update on Stuff

I created more categories, made my site look MUCH better featuring post counts, and I’m now officially ready to take on the big challenges! Yay!

If you want to figure out how to navigate my site, look in the About Section of KDS! Remember that this site is ALWAYS being constantly updated so make sure you’re on top of things as I still need to update myself! HA!

If you enjoy my blog, be sure to follow me!

Want more? Visit KDS Official on YouTube!

Even more since you can’t get enough? Look at the archives in my site to discover who I REALLY am!

Change is Here! Blog Update!

After reading a blog post on how to keep people interested in your blog, here’s why I may not be getting as much attention as I thought I would. These blog posts I’m making are TOO LONG possibly along with some other flaws too!

SO here’s what I’m going to do. Every blog post I make from now on, UNLESS it’s part of 165 Entries, I’ll try to keep it as detailed as possible while staying under at least 200 words max possibly.

So the challenge begins. Hopefully you guys can see that someone with autism is trying here! I’m going to see if throughout my lifetime I can hit up to 10,000’s of blog posts! Sounds crazy right? It actually is! Even I would say that! HA!

Be sure to check out my site to see who I am as I find out myself what my true inner self is currently! Also visit my YouTube channel KDS Official for awesome stuff including music MADE BY ME!

Oh jeez! I think I screwed up with something!

After posting a blog post in the challenge I’m doing, I realized something…

I’m messing up with the categories in my blog! I thought they would be something else but I didn’t know it would be in an actual category on my site! Man looks like I have some fixing to do then!

If you guys have any advice on how to make my blog better, please let me know because I’m really stumping on this blog right now currently!

Hopefully I obtain more knowledge!! This is getting out of control here!