An opportunity that just can’t be accepted…

I was just looking at something from the Millionaire’s Digest and I saw that they were taking people to be a part of the team. It was the KEY for me to get the attention I needed.

This is what happened to be honest.

When I saw that you cannot talk about yourself, that’s what threw me off along with revealing your real name (First AND last!). I really wish I could do such an opportunity in order to get all the attention I wanted but I already have my own blog and I also want to do my own thing. That’s what makes my blog…my blog.

I’m very sorry Millionaire’s Digest. I wish I could become a part of the team but I just can’t. Some of the hard work I already did for my blog has happened. Yes I would be able to get much more attention but at the same time sacrifices would be made including how I manage to get all the attention needed for the future.

I’ll send a comment on that post and see if they can look at this post I made because I feel bad that I might not be able to do this.


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