6/500 Singing in the rain SUCKS! LITERALLY!

Man why did I make a stupid decision this morning?

I knew that I should’ve taken Uber in order to get to my college but I didn’t want to waste money so I decided to take the bus like always.

BUT here’s the kicker: It’s a 8-12 minute walk away from my bus stop. So I had to literally WALK IT. In the pouring rain! What was I thinking? At least the good news is that I saved myself from spending $15-$20 but that was really it for the good part somewhat. As I was typing this, I’m still drying off from walking in a downpour!

And what was even worse was that I got SOAKED! Thankfully the bus came at the usual time a few minutes after I got to the bus stop.

And you know what else? Not to be religious here but I think God heard me say his name and to make it stop raining. That actually happened. And even better was that it was down pouring again a couple minutes after I got on the bus! Strange isn’t it?

Also remember that the number you see BEFORE my post title represents the 500 Post Challenge I’m doing. Remember that for future posts!


KDS: The person with autism that will change it all.

Hey everyone! If you’re seeing this, you’re witnessing an awesome blog! This is KDS, a title that I have where I will have one goal on mind that branches out to an infinite amount of goals: Making history one day WHILE having Autism. Sounds daunting don’t you think? It really isn’t most of the time.

This blog contains almost EVERY type of post you can find on other peoples blogs, almost all of them custom made by me. If you guys want to get to know me more, you can check out as many blog posts as you want that I’ve written. If you enjoy them, please feel free to follow my blog as it is growing currently!


Now with over 100+ POSTS!

Thanks for stopping by and keep posting on that blog!

(NOTE: This blog post happens to be an update for what my blog is currently. This isn’t a so called “real” blog post but rather one to introduce people to what this blog is all about.)


A So Called Zeonic Update

I know the title happens to be a funny one. HA!

I’m almost done with planning out the possible plot for Zeon: A Rising Myth. Turns out to be a pretty cool plot as far as I know but once the book is written hopefully the plot will start to settle in stone, even though it isn’t set in stone.

Remember though! This first book in the series happens to be a NOVELLA, which has the average length of 30,000-60,000 words! Most of the books in the series ARE NOT novels. The Zeonic Epics will happen to be the ones that are full featured book lengths, just like some of the Harry Potter books!

It is most likely that the Zeonic Epics will be some of the longest books ever written and the longest books I’ve ever written. I’m not there yet though! Still have to start the series! I have got to stop dreaming big and start doing big!

I’m going to work on the rest of the plot outline for Zeon: A Rising Myth right now and see what happens!

My Most Popular Hour on This Blog: Updates on ZEON

I figured that I should make a blog post when it is close to my most popular hour which happens to be 10PM currently. That seems to be the time when I get the most attention so I’m going to give it a try and see what happens!

So here’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve been making plans for what will happen for the future and I also wrote a little bit of the plot outline for the first book in my series Zeon. I have also created this really cool flyer sort of picture today as well so you guys can get excited for the first so called novella in the series!

I hope you like the picture above as I’m trying to get as much attention as possible from you guys so I can get going on this series!

Questions? Comment on my blog posts if any!

6/165: Something Went Wrong with These Posts

Something wrong is going on here!

I thought that I was doing good for my book 165 Entries but it looks like it’s starting to happen again. Basically every time I try to make something it always falls apart on me and there’s nothing much I can really do about it. For example, this book. When I started it I thought that I would be able to keep up with every single day until day 165 came around. Now since I missed a few days at this point, things will be much harder for me because of so much regret I have.

But never mind that! What’s important is that I managed to keep going with everything up till now. It’s time that I continue to keep going with everything I’m doing including this book, a new journal series that I’ve started, and my biggest project of all Zeon. Zeon may happen to be the hardest book yet because it’s not only science fiction but it’s also very lengthy possibly. I mean I haven’t finished the plot outline for Zeon yet so I really should get going with that before I’m rushing to get it done by the end of this year. I did say that the official release date will be January 1st, 2017 so this means that before I even continue to write up Zeon I have to read! I JUST HAVE TO.

If I can’t get Zeon done in time I will let you guys know because writing this book will take a TON of effort. I also need to keep in mind that the plot must make sense AND it must be powerful as well. Perhaps I should’ve kept reading huh?

I’m almost done with today’s post. Remember that whenever you see a number (Like 56/165 for example) BEFORE the title of my post, that means that it’s an entry from the book 165 Entries! Of course this book does have some extra stuff. That’s why there’s a price on the eBook that I will be selling hopefully because of the extra content inside this nonfiction book.

I think I said enough for now!

Hopefully nothing will get in my way this time, especially since I’m moving to a different house with my family!

Let’s see what Entry 7 will bring us.

5/165: I’ve got to start making good habits for my life!

Every now and then, there was always one thing I tend to struggle with. That was starting AND maintaining habits. No matter what I do, even if I give it my best shot, I tend to fail on creating a new habit even if it happened to be one that was so simple.

So here’s what I’m thinking: I’ll have to start using my two page per day planner once again because with this kind of planner I can really set myself goals whenever I need to. Of course maintaining the habit of using my planner can get extremely tricky like everything else. If I thought that was hard, I honestly think that maintaining a “consistent basis” for 165 Entries is even harder!

With that being said, it looks like starting today, since it’s Saturday, I’m going to goal myself to plan every week in this planner for the next few weeks and make sure that I go back to it every night to see what I’ve done. If you’re wondering what brand my planner is, it’s Day-Timer.

At least the good news is that I got about 10 likes from a few posts I made on my blog KDS today! But here’s the bad news: I missed a couple days of blogging in this challenge. I could’ve been on post 7-8 by now! Hopefully that isn’t going to happen again because I know that I can become an awesome writer someday.

I’m also trying my very best to keep the paragraphs short because of my readers reading these posts. I found out I think two days ago where you have to keep a blog at a certain length AND a certain format to yield best results from your audience. Having short but sweet paragraphs happens to be one of them. Except for posts that are part of the challenge, I’m limiting every future post to a maximum of 200 words. Sounds easy don’t you think? It is if you have the techniques and the idea of blogs!

As I am typing this right now, I have over 1,750 words and counting in this book! I also figured out how I’m going to format it now as well. Basically, once I have ALL 165 entries completed, I will take a two to three week break and then come back to this. What will then happen is that anything that is “italicized” (slanted text) is a reflection of what I’ve done in the past. That’s why you may see that you will have to pay a little bit to get this eBook mainly because there are extra features exclusively available in the book itself!

Okay I think I typed more than enough so far for this book. But I’m only 5 posts down! I still have a long hauling 160 posts to go! Hopefully I will be able to make it very close at the end of this year because then I can officially say that I’ve achieved a dream of mine!

Time to wrap up for today and see what the other 160 posts will bring!

4/165: Stop wasting time and do something for the better!

Okay! I missed a day to post something in my blog yesterday which I felt was very stupid of me because I seriously want to be on top of everything these days but just can’t seem to do that.

That being said, for this post in the challenge, I want to tell you guys something. You know how people just waste time sometimes, playing video games including the all mighty Pokémon Go app? Not saying that I’m a hater for that game don’t get me wrong! What I’m trying to say is that sometimes, actually most of the time, people just waste time doing things that lead to nowhere and video games happens to be the perfect example. Well I’m here to tell you guys that video games and being lazy WILL get you nowhere in life. While time is flying out of our hands so fast, do something for once in your life! Write a book, show everyone your creativity and talents, make music, help out people, even get more productive! It all helps since it can add up to something BIG!

I’m no experienced motivational speaker but I can tell you guys that there ARE greater things out there that you guys may not realize. They may seem unreachable but are they obtainable? Yes! They are! You just have to keep on going! Even I myself tend to not keep going sometimes but guess what? I try my best to in order to get stuff done. With this kind of mindset, you can do something that you never thought possible.

If you enjoyed reading this post (and hopefully you did), check out my other posts to discover who I am! Also remember that once this challenge of mine is complete, it will be available as an eBook called 165 Entries! Keep an eye out for any posts on my blog that happen to have a number out of a number before the title!

Okay I think I said enough since I’m probably making you guys bored now. Wish me luck as I’m continuing to make progress towards a better life.