Time to DJ???

So I’ve been thinking about this for a long time and that is the fact that I want to start DJing some events! I almost have everything I need but I don’t have everything needed to become one including songs. What songs do you guys think I should do when I do DJ? List any kind of music that people really enjoy these days!

My current set up happens to be a pair of Harbinger V2115 15″ powered speakers. I also have a 57 mic back at home as well. No need for a subwoofer since 15″ powered speakers give PLENTY, even for the ones I currently have!

Wish me luck on this sort of thing!

Sorry I Wasn’t Posting!

I’m really sorry you guys that I haven’t been posting that much since I’ve been having a hard time with life these days. But now things are good.

As of now I have officially committed that I won’t be making more music until late 2016 due to space on my computer and even me being drained of creativity. The writing stuff is STILL on! Just need to get my butt up and moving for that stuff before I become lazy once again!

If you haven’t be sure to check out the archives of my blog kds407 so that way you can discover who I am and why I’m doing this blog! Lots of interesting stuff so far all from the mind of someone with autism!

Wish me luck as I continue my quest for becoming a Warrior of Autism!

Times of NOT Being Productive

As for Zeon and Aspire Autism, my writing motivation is starting to get a little bit low which is okay I guess since everyone goes through times where they just can’t seem to get stuff done. The good news though for the most part is that my blog has been going well! Hopefully it will stay like that because I really want to see if I can start new habits darn it!

I might make another post later today but I’m not positive that I will just yet! It depends how much of a productive mood I’m in that’s what!

Stuck on Zeon!

Hey guys!

I’m really having trouble coming up with ideas for my series Zeon. Like REALLY BAD!

So far it is about where an evil entity named Iz is awakened by this robber while some people tried to stop him from awakening the spirit. It is up to Bill, the gifted one, to stop this evil before it’s too late.

The pre-plot has been outlined but I don’t know what to write next! Must be writers block I’m having that’s what!

Hopefully you guys can help me out here since my potential for writing could possibly be extremely high! I mean GENIUS high!

Time to Take a Break from Music

It looks like my music talent isn’t going to improve anytime sooner so this means that it’s official. I’m taking a break from music for the next few months!

Why you ask? It’s because I am not only out of ideas as of now but it’s also because the program I’m using to create my music happens to take up a TON of space. I mean in Gigabytes space! I could get the program for my laptop but that’s not going to work since it will take up too much space AND even drain my battery possibly.

I’m really sorry I can’t continue to make music but hopefully you get why. I have made too many songs for the past 1.5 years anyways! My music talent WILL resume in August 2016 to November 2016 hopefully.

Just because I stopped my music talent doesn’t mean that I will stop my writing talent oh no way! THAT is still on! Mainly because I have got to move to another house. The only way I’ll be able to is to keep going with my writing talent so that way I can finally show my family that I DO have the potential to make a finish product!

More information to be revealed about this writing talent of mine!

Two days in a row wait what?

Now things have gotten even worse since I haven’t posted anything two days in a row! I had no idea what I was thinking but it must be my laziness that’s starting to win me over. The good news though is that Zeon is about to be back on track since I saw that a novel has to be at least minimum 80,000 words. Sounds like a lot which it is! But in reality if chunked out, it really isn’t even though I’m going to see if I can finish a rough draft for the first book in 1-2 months depending what happens in the future.

If you haven’t yet check the archives of my blog to discover who I am! Everything WILL add up overtime to finding out deep within my lifestyle what I’m really capable of!

Let’s see if I can keep this blog going once again!

The Key to Open The Door

What was happening this morning was that I was on the internet and some thought came to my mind. I was researching this thought I had that lead me to believing something even more up to now. What do you guys think it is? Obviously I know the answer but I want to see if YOU can figure it out first!

I’ll give you a hint: It’s something I’m interested in, basically the science of it!

I have no idea what number post this is but I definitely know that I’m on entry 13 in Aspire Autism! Let’s keep this going so my dreams WILL come true!

If you enjoy my blog feel free to look at the ARCHIVES I have, my past posts basically! All of them put together will make life easier for you to discover who I am! But make sure you stay updated on my blog as things will be uploaded or posted unexpectedly!

A long Way Away

I just don’t get how others reach their long term goals. This happens to be the easiest yet the hardest thing I could possibly do in life. The amount of times I’ve ever hit a long term goal was only a few. In order to make my dreams come true, it’s a long way away.

At least the good news is that Aspire Autism is still up on its feet. Hopefully it will stay like that for the next several months. It’s amazing for how fast time goes by. Time could be an illusion but who knows!

For my music I haven’t been making a whole lot since I’ve been stumping on my musical ideas a lot these days. Not only that but for my DJ system, I need to find out and see if I can get one that is really loud and also compact too!

Other than that it’s time to see what lies ahead of not only me but us too!

This is just plain FRUSTRATING!

I tried so hard to customize my site on WordPress and for some reason, I’m having much difficulty working on something like that. I don’t know how other people do it but it’s became such a frustrating process.

How could you guys help me out with this problem? I tried even looking up how to customize the site I have! I’m seriously not having it today all because this is so frustrating!

Hopefully this problem gets resolved soon because I want as many people to visit my site as possible! Trying to accomplish big things here!

Give me as much advice as you possibly can if possible!

Twenty is Awesome!

My 20th post on this blog!

Unfortunately though I haven’t journaled the tenth entry in my journal Aspire Autism since I was feeling extremely lazy. I WAS thinking of it though! I just couldn’t do it for some reason and I don’t know why.

The good news is that I HAVE been going on with this blog for at least 20 posts in total including this one! Hopefully I hit the next milestone which is 50 posts by the end of the middle of April. The only way I’ll be able to keep going is to just keep doing it and time will tell when I have achieved what I wanted to achieve!

20 posts down. Many more to go.