Making a Blog Site is Kind of Tricky

So as I was doodling around with my blog site, I noticed that it’s a little tricky to get everything organized.

Is there anyway I can be able to get help for organizing everything? This tends to happen with EVERYTHING I do mostly. I can’t help it! It’s who I am that’s what!

I’ll learn as time goes by!

kds407 New Features

There was one thing I noticed for why I wasn’t getting that much attention on my blog so far for the past week. It’s because I forgot to put in tags AND categories! What was I thinking? I should’ve known for who knows how long now!

Now I have categories and tags for every post I do. I will try my best to make sure that tags and the categories apply to every post I do from this point on.

Wish me luck as I continue my quest for success!

Three in One!

Yay! Looks like I’ve successfully made three posts in one day!

A new song is now on my YouTube Channel! Type in the YouTube search bar “KDS When Feelings Arise” and you should be able to find it! It is known as the BEST SONG I’ve made as of February 2016!

Now to keep going with everything I’m working on including Aspire Autism! Hopefully things WILL fall into place this time!

Wish me luck for staying productive!

Attempt Made with a Sudden End

Don’t let the title get to you! It’s called that basically because I started to make a video about patience and time lapses but it kind of failed due to that I have no idea how I would make it interesting AND good at least!

So now I’m back to doing what I’m usually doing except I discovered that I should exercise more because I gained a little weight from my moodiness. Good thing I have a trampoline to jump on!

Let’s see if I can make one more post today so I can successfully say that I’ve made three in one day. HA!

Only Time Will Tell

It looks like the only way to accomplish something so GRAND is where time will tell. It’s basically something I always struggled with for the past few years. I just need to be disciplined in having patience since patience is a virtue.

It’s how even this blog forms! It all adds up, especially for the long term concepts. Perhaps I should make a video about time and how time can make things so remarkable.

In fact let me make a video on that right now and see what happens…

Must Keep Going.

My 10th post on my blog! How did I get up to this point so quickly?

The time has come where I must keep going with Aspire Autism and fulfilling my talents. In order to get known and even have hopes that the talents I have WILL be executed, this is the only way to go.

I have even the greatest task in my life yet which is to NOT think about certain things so they come to me in time at the right place. When I mean not think about it, I mean it’s COMPLETELY GONE from my head! This will be the hardest thing for me to do aside from my talents but it is possible!

Also how in the world will I get known at this point? Through my music? My writing? Perhaps the fact that I’m doing this blog? No idea…

Goal Failed! But will try again!

So guess what? I said I would do three posts in one day but I failed due to that I was busy with stuff. I had this event where I was presenting my song When Feelings Arise. This song is coming to YouTube very soon so be ready to listen to it!

As far as everything else is going, I could do better. Better as in being more productive with everything since I’ve been getting kind of very lazy these days. Hopefully things will continue to kick in with my life, especially with my journal Aspire Autism.

Let’s see if I can do three posts in one day this time!

Three is a Magic Number

So it looks like Aspire Autism is really going now at this point. I’m on entry three and all I can say is that it’s really becoming successful. I just need to keep going with it for at least about 18 more days in order to turn it into a habit. May take longer but it is possible!

The reason why this post is called Three is a Magic Number is because I’m aiming to make three posts today. Sounds crazy but it really isn’t.

I will be preforming one of my songs I created for an event tonight that will possibly be uploaded onto YouTube very soon. NOT the event but the song itself. It’s actually better than the song Love! HA!

Okay enough said! One down, two more posts to go for today.

Never Stop Posting

So this is who I want to be: having the title of the Warrior of Autism. It’s possibly the hardest task possible in my life since I would have to go through life itself in order to title myself like that even though I do now. HA!

But in all seriousness if you have a blog as well, DON’T STOP POSTING. That’s the worst thing you could possibly do for a blog which is to stop posting. I do have a goal anyways to make sure that I post at least once everyday.

And remember Aspire Autism? Started it again last night! I even managed to catch a moody time I was having from last night as if I was catching a fish in the pond. The RIGHT one.

As of now, 7 posts down! Many, I mean MANY MORE, to go…

Thoughts There, Thoughts Stuck

I have all of these great awesome ideas…only problem is that THEY’RE STUCK!

I have no idea how I can possibly get them out of my head unless some miracle happens! This is possibly why I can’t get certain things done all because even though I have the thoughts I can’t execute them.

What I think I should do is find out ways to stay focused for my talents and ideas. Hopefully something will happen. I know something will!