After my latest blog post I might’ve came up with some ideas for my blog. One of them is where I can be able to do a full blown story on my blog, as if it were to be a series of blogs where all of them together in a certain order would be a novel. Crazy isn’t it?

The problem is this: What story should I come up with to do something like this? Perhaps what can happen is that I’ll do some research on how to come up with a story. Then what will happen is I’ll create an outline. Finally, I will then create the story piece by piece. Of course a master document would need to be created in case I would want to turn it into an actual eBook!

I think it’s just an idea I have but we’ll see what will happen for the future! A new category will then be created called “Stories By KDS” so you guys can find them easily.

Hopefully something will pop into my head and YES Zeon is still in the works!

Let’s break the record for views today!

Okay guys! Feeling better after having a bad experience with resembling my trampoline. I want to see if I can break the record for most views in one day today!

The current record I think is 20 or 21 but I know that I can do much better than that! Even if it’s from only one visitor even, it still helps to add up the views by checking out my other posts!

I’m also trying to think of the best ways to get more attention even though I’ve been saying that for who knows how long now! I’m going to start blogging like crazy eventually. Once the school year starts though, things might get hectic for me but I’ll try to keep you guys updated as much as I possibly can.

This I believe is post number 91 so I’m only 9 posts away from post 100! I actually drafted the first truth post while I was having a difficult time. That’s exactly what truth posts are about which is very powerful posts containing uncommon information you usually don’t see from people. They might also be a little more mature rated but I’m not positive yet! Let’s hope that won’t happen!

Otherwise, let’s see if I can keep the posting going!


I don’t know why but for this blog I feel stumped. Along with the other major projects I’m working on.

What’s probably happening is that I’m still not getting as much attention as I wanted. I’m trying my very best to keep this blog going for as long as I can before another period of time of no posting happens. Maybe what I should do is comment on other peoples blogs. I have no idea.

If I try journaling again maybe that will help cause I haven’t done that for who knows how long now. Possibly about two weeks! What’s happening to me?

The good news though is that I’ve successfully made over 80 posts on my blog throughout the lifetime of it but I want that number to get up to three or even four digits! It will get to three once I reach over 100 posts.

Any idea on how to get more known from my blog?

Why you should journal: The key to a better life. — The Millionaire’s Digest (Post by KDS)

Do you like to write? Want to see a creation go from small to huge? Ever wondered what a way to self-discipline yourself is? Journal happens to be a very effective way towards a better lifestyle and can help in so many ways in life.

via Why you should journal: The key to a better life. — The Millionaire’s Digest

This could get complicated.

Here’s what I’ve been doing sort of for the past hour.

I made my very first post to the Millionaire’s Digest and it already has gotten so many likes. I’m talking about a HUNDRED already! But will this get my blog noticed? Maybe but who knows!

This is where it gets tricky though: I’m not sure when the team of this site will start to close invitations to joining the team. Imagine if it gets so complex that someone really messes up the site! Who knows what could happen!

Let’s see what kind of notifications I’ve gotten now because “The Bell” as they call it has the red-orange dot. HA!

I’m now a part of The Millionaire’s Digest Team! So Cool!


I’m now officially a part of the team of the Millionaire’s Digest! How cool is that?

Now the next step is to figure out what I should post about for this website because making posts for this site is STRUCTURED meaning that I absolutely MUST be careful what I post on this site. Any mistakes that are made on this site could get me kicked off of it so I better be careful!

It’s such an honor to finally be working for a site and hopefully get the traffic I always wanted for my blog!

Thanks for helping me out Millionaire’s Digest Team! Can’t wait to see what happens in the future!

The Hardest Math I’ve ever seen

Ever wonder what the hardest, most complicated math skills there are in the world, or perhaps the universe? Ranging from the easiest math (counting) to very complicated stuff that gets multi-dimensional, this is what I think is the hardest math in my opinion.

It’s not calculus, not integral calculus, or even differential equations, but I know it’s definitely not linear algebra.

It’s math that sums up our universe and beyond basically: MULTI-LINEAR ALGEBRA.

Don’t get me wrong but this is the hardest math subject I’ve ever know up to date! And don’t even think that this is high school math. It really isn’t. It’s something people who have engineering majors or something that take this kind of course in college. I know there is something that is much harder but I just don’t know what it is!

Perhaps I should use Khan Academy again so I can beef up on stuff for once!

Aspire Autism Title is REPLACED!

Got some news for you guys!

It looks like that the title for Aspire Autism will NO LONGER EXIST due to the current creations I’m working on and since 165 Entries AND this new journal series I’m handwriting happens to be in the game. If you saw my posts about Aspire Autism, that title for a nonfiction book is no longer in existence.

I think the handwritten journal series that I’m doing (which will be turned into text once I know what I’m doing in my computer) will be called A Life to Write. I’m not sure yet because this journal series was recently started.

What I’m also thinking of doing is showing you guys pictures of what I’m doing so that way you can get an idea of what I’m trying to accomplish! Just a thought though.

Now to write entry 4 in this handwritten journal.

Have Got to Keep Going

I know I missed yesterday to post something AGAIN. But for the most part that ends TODAY.

The time has come where I have no choice but to get as much done with my life as I possibly can because if I don’t keep going and continue to be lazy with everything then who knows if I’ll ever be able to accomplish something.

I have made 50+ blog posts at this point however now some of them, in rare cases, happens to be shared posts from other bloggers. Hopefully I remember that several of my posts in the lifetime of this blog were from other bloggers. Shouldn’t be a big deal though.

Now here’s a question I have for you guys even though I did read an article about this just before I wrote this post: How do you make something go viral?

Hopefully I’ll have the answer to that question soon!

Best way to exercise WITH weights?

Here’s what I’m thinking these days.

Since I really need to workout again, I’m thinking about getting a set of adjustable hand weight bars with some weight plates to adjust them. BUT here’s the problem I’m starting to run into: What exercises will work best for me?

I might do some research on this because I really want to get in shape so I can not only impress myself and others but also so that way I can be strong enough to lift REALLY HEAVY stuff!

If you guys have any way that I can use to exercise, please let me know! Comment on this post if you know the BEST workout routine!