Guess what? I joined Twitter!

Busy with the move but have time to write a new blog post!

I recently figured out why I might not be getting enough followers that I always wanted. It’s because I need more social media in order to get more! That’s why it’s now official that I’ve joined Twitter!

Everything that I post from now on will appear on Twitter AND Google Plus. So if people want to discover me they now can thanks to the social networking that I’m on! I may create more accounts as I build up my blog!

Hope you guys enjoy to continue going through my current posts and my archived posts too! Remember that the 100th post will be the start of a new category called TRUTH POSTS, which is a category containing the most powerful posts I’ll ever make. It is intended for almost anyone as long as they can handle what will happen in those rare posts.

If you guys have any suggestions for how I can build up my audience, please don’t hesitate to comment on my posts! Remember: I’m MOST ACTIVE on my blog currently!



The nonfiction book 165 Entries has been cancelled due to my handwritten journal series. I’m really sorry that this is late notice but I’ve been forgetting to tell you guys this! Zeon continues though but this nonfiction book is not continuing.

This is why you aren’t seeing more posts like that anymore. I WILL keep them though because all posts on my blog (except for one of them maybe) count towards my site!

I’m hoping to get the handwritten journal going because I really want to accomplish something awesome! Like really awesome like never before!

Keep the viewing going you guys and the liking too! I want to see those stats digits add up on my site!

Get ready for a SPECIAL POST coming soon!

I have some news for you guys.

Since I’m only about 30 posts away from my 100th post, I’d figured that my 100th post should be something special. If you guys think I’m going to do a giveaway or something like that, you’re wrong!

This special post will be known as a TRUTH POST, a new category where it only has posts that happen to be very meaningful not only to me but hopefully to others too. They will also contain stories about me and why I’ve come a long way up to this point.

BUT the catch is that these types of posts won’t start until the 100th post. So keep an eye out on how many posts I’ve got, even if you need to count them up manually! The best way to add up how many posts I’ve written is to go into the categories or achieves and add up the amount of posts in ONLY ONE of the sections. Hopefully that helps you guys!

Stay updated! Time WILL fly by so be ready!