I’m sorry guys! Things got rough!

Man I haven’t written a blog post for over a week! What even was happening to me these days?

Then again I have been busy with college stuff so yeah. Things are starting to get pretty busy for me because of my class and my program too.

What I will absolutely try my very best to is get going with the blog posts once again! I also want to tell you guys that as of now I’m NOT going to write a nonfiction book during this time because it would be too much stress for me to do something like that while I already have enough stress in my life.

Hopefully you guys get what I mean! It can get pretty rough when you have so much on your plate and then you forget about certain things like the blog for example.

If you guys enjoy to continue hearing from me, be sure to follow me on my blog along with my other social media sites I’m on!

Let’s see if I CAN blog like crazy today!

This might’ve helped me out! Just keep blogging!

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Guess what? I joined Twitter!

Busy with the move but have time to write a new blog post!

I recently figured out why I might not be getting enough followers that I always wanted. It’s because I need more social media in order to get more! That’s why it’s now official that I’ve joined Twitter!

Everything that I post from now on will appear on Twitter AND Google Plus. So if people want to discover me they now can thanks to the social networking that I’m on! I may create more accounts as I build up my blog!

Hope you guys enjoy to continue going through my current posts and my archived posts too! Remember that the 100th post will be the start of a new category called TRUTH POSTS, which is a category containing the most powerful posts I’ll ever make. It is intended for almost anyone as long as they can handle what will happen in those rare posts.

If you guys have any suggestions for how I can build up my audience, please don’t hesitate to comment on my posts! Remember: I’m MOST ACTIVE on my blog currently!

A So Called Zeonic Update

I know the title happens to be a funny one. HA!

I’m almost done with planning out the possible plot for Zeon: A Rising Myth. Turns out to be a pretty cool plot as far as I know but once the book is written hopefully the plot will start to settle in stone, even though it isn’t set in stone.

Remember though! This first book in the series happens to be a NOVELLA, which has the average length of 30,000-60,000 words! Most of the books in the series ARE NOT novels. The Zeonic Epics will happen to be the ones that are full featured book lengths, just like some of the Harry Potter books!

It is most likely that the Zeonic Epics will be some of the longest books ever written and the longest books I’ve ever written. I’m not there yet though! Still have to start the series! I have got to stop dreaming big and start doing big!

I’m going to work on the rest of the plot outline for Zeon: A Rising Myth right now and see what happens!

Gotta keep posting! Grr!

I know I should use more pictures for my posts but the question is what pictures?

But that’s not what this post is about! It’s about that I have to keep posting about myself or else the audience I really want will never come! This is why I have been very active for the past month mainly because I know that I can get my audience built up in no time without having to worry about so many things thanks to my blog.

If I don’t post anything for some time, that’s because I’ve been very busy with the move to the new house with my family. It’s not my fault that I have to move. In fact I don’t mind moving because once I move, there will be MUCH MORE opportunities for me to get out there! Let’s hope that they’re all good most of the time.

This right here happens to be my 77th post I think. Only 22 left until I make the first truth post, which will be a very long, deep post so brace yourself when I make it!

I’m going to see how many more posts I can make today and see if I can break my record for most posts in one day which was 6.

NEW ALBUM coming soon???

I’m the biggest idiot ever! I should release my second album onto CDBaby!

But here’s what is even better: I FINALLY got back to making music again! Even though I’m only using Garageband for now, who cares! All the features I’ve used in Logic Pro were mostly for Garageband. Only problem is that I’m not positive that I can do fades and speed ups of audio tracks but I’ll figure it out hopefully!

As far as everything else is going, things were busy for me the last couple of days, putting me out of whack but now I’m getting back on my feet so I can give you guys product and profit. Well not sure about profit. Don’t know why I said that. HA!

I also received feedback on my YouTube channel and let me tell you this. I finally have someone looking forward to reading my series ZEON! Remember that if I can get the first novella done by the end of this month even, it WILL be released earlier!

I think it’s time to plan what songs I should make now!

The Blog Seed Starts to Grow

I now currently have 15 followers! Thanks guys!

BUT I now have a longer way to go in order to reach the next milestone which happens to be 25 followers. Hopefully I will get there in the next couple of weeks assuming that I continue to post in my blog about life with me.

As I’m typing this, I think I’m on post 74 but I’m not positive because I can’t remember! Oh well! I check later! Just remember that a SPECIAL TRUTH POST will come when I’m at post 100!

It seems like that my blog is starting to grow. Perhaps from now on I’m going to put in a picture on each one of my posts so that way I get even more attention!

Let’s see what the future will hold for the next 20 some posts!