Oh jeez! I think I screwed up with something!

After posting a blog post in the challenge I’m doing, I realized something…

I’m messing up with the categories in my blog! I thought they would be something else but I didn’t know it would be in an actual category on my site! Man looks like I have some fixing to do then!

If you guys have any advice on how to make my blog better, please let me know because I’m really stumping on this blog right now currently!

Hopefully I obtain more knowledge!! This is getting out of control here!


4/165: Stop wasting time and do something for the better!

Okay! I missed a day to post something in my blog yesterday which I felt was very stupid of me because I seriously want to be on top of everything these days but just can’t seem to do that.

That being said, for this post in the challenge, I want to tell you guys something. You know how people just waste time sometimes, playing video games including the all mighty Pokémon Go app? Not saying that I’m a hater for that game don’t get me wrong! What I’m trying to say is that sometimes, actually most of the time, people just waste time doing things that lead to nowhere and video games happens to be the perfect example. Well I’m here to tell you guys that video games and being lazy WILL get you nowhere in life. While time is flying out of our hands so fast, do something for once in your life! Write a book, show everyone your creativity and talents, make music, help out people, even get more productive! It all helps since it can add up to something BIG!

I’m no experienced motivational speaker but I can tell you guys that there ARE greater things out there that you guys may not realize. They may seem unreachable but are they obtainable? Yes! They are! You just have to keep on going! Even I myself tend to not keep going sometimes but guess what? I try my best to in order to get stuff done. With this kind of mindset, you can do something that you never thought possible.

If you enjoyed reading this post (and hopefully you did), check out my other posts to discover who I am! Also remember that once this challenge of mine is complete, it will be available as an eBook called 165 Entries! Keep an eye out for any posts on my blog that happen to have a number out of a number before the title!

Okay I think I said enough since I’m probably making you guys bored now. Wish me luck as I’m continuing to make progress towards a better life.

Things are starting to change here…

So here’s what I did. I started to change the way the game is played for the time being by changing some stuff on my blog including the title (Now KDS) and the site tagline.

I’m trying really hard from this point on in order to get as much traffic onto my site as possible. I’m also trying to figure out a way to display AS MANY Achieves as possible on my site because in order for people to see who I am, they can look at all the achieves I’ve written.

I’m also going to make a video update on EVERY SINGLE POST I’ve ever done up to this point to YouTube so I can show people what I’m trying to do here!

Hopefully things will get better as time goes on! I’m struggling here but I know it gets better that’s what!

3/165: The Nonsense of Pokémon Go

So guess what? Yesterday after posting my last blog post from the challenge, I finally discovered what Pokémon Go really is thanks to my sister. I’ll be honest that it really is something to think about because it’s a game where you would literally have to TRAVEL in real time to find all the Pokémon. Sounds crazy don’t you think? But here’s the catch: I’m not becoming one of those people to get addicted to this game.

Why would I say that though? It’s because there are much better things out in the real world to do that you can MAKE it as if you were playing a video game. I know it sounds crazy but guess what? That’s what my mindset is currently. Hopefully you would have that mindset as well like I do cause with this kind of mindset, you can do MUCH more than just staying in a pit of nothing from playing a video game, including with the one that everyone is getting addicted to. Let me give you an example. The WordPress challenge I’m doing! Once I reach the 165th post that I need to reach, the challenge will be complete! But does that mean I’m done with being productive? No!

Of course you may not take this post seriously but if you do, good for you! I’m proud of you for taking the first step towards a productive life! Even I MYSELF still need to take the first step towards that life because even though it may sound like I have a productive life for the time being, I really don’t before you know it due to laziness. But that ends now! It’s time that I stop being lazy and get my act together in order to get productive once again like when I was a kid!

Hopefully you found this post interesting! This was post number 3 in the 165 entry challenge. Remember that once I hit the 165th entry in this challenge, an eBook will be published containing ALL 165 ENTIRES I did in the challenge and possibly some bonus content too exclusively in the eBook! Remember that 165 Entires won’t be available to buy until earliest early 2017.

I think I’ve written more than enough for this blog post. Remember to follow me if you find this post and all my other posts interesting. Also remember to look at the Archives as well to discover who I am! Want more? Visit my YouTube channel KDS Official where you can see what someone with autism is trying to do for the time being!

Okay! 3 down, 162 to go!

2/165: It’s Already Getting Tough

As I type this in a master document for the book 165 Entries, the challenge is already starting to get a little bit difficult. Something ALWAYS tells me that I can’t do it. Well guess what? I’m going to stop listening to that voice because I’m sick and tired of not doing anything. Hopefully things will get better as I move to my new place. The new place will mean new opportunities!

This morning was kind of stressful mainly because I had to help my sister move some stuff from the old house into the car. It was a pain in the neck because my dog wouldn’t stop with getting in the way for example along with this box that keeps shifting around in the car so to speak. Yes, I am typing this in the car as I speak.

So here’s how this challenge works. Basically what I’m doing is that for every post I make in this WordPress challenge, I type it in Word and then copy and paste the title and the post itself into my blog. Remember that every time you see a symbol that looks like 23/165 for example, that means, including this one, you’re reading a post from the challenge I was doing. Once the challenge is complete, I will then save the ENTIRE master document into a PDF or whatever type of file I need and publish it as an eBook. Pretty cool huh? I came up with this idea yesterday! HA!

Hopefully like my other posts you’ve seen on my blog you’ve found this interesting. I know I myself find this interesting! Let’s hope that this challenge continues as I make my way through the obstacles of life itself along with this challenge of doing 165 posts. I know that the number 165 is a big one but it IS possible to do something like that!

I will call an end to post number 2 for this challenge. If I feel that I left something out that will be for tomorrows post or for another post NOT in the challenge today.

Let’s see if I WILL keep going which I know I will this time!

1/165: The Challenge Begins…

The time has come…the time is now…

This challenge is now in action!

Everyday from this point on I’ll try my best to keep up with the posting in my blog “kds407”. If you see that there is a counter BEFORE the post title (i.e. 23/165), that means that you’re reading a post that was from this challenge. Funny thing is that I should probably make an eBook called “165 Entries” because making THAT many posts means that I should do some awesome reward for completing this challenge.

That is actually a really cool idea! Making a book called 165 Entries! All the book is about is basically all the blog posts I’ve made for 165 days! Better keep up with this challenge that’s what!

Now it’s a matter of keeping up with this challenge because this could be something that will ache me a TON. Hopefully I WILL keep going with this challenge because if I don’t who knows if I will be able to achieve something in the future!

Hopefully you found this post interesting cause there are now 164 posts left to go! Better make the best use of my time in order to get this done. It only takes away 10-15 minutes of my time away. Big deal!

Wish me luck as I will strive to become someone that will make history!