Lazy But Determined…Sort Of…

Man I don’t know why laziness is ALWAYS getting the best of me. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been not having it with me being at home all the time or something. I have no idea.

The good news though is that I’m STILL determined to get certain things done, including posts with my blog. I also remembered, for instance, that if I were to do 10 posts a day for 100 days, that’s already 1,000 POSTS! Doing something like that though would require so much willpower and determination along with a touch of focus!

It’s weird that I feel lazy but determined at the same time. I’m also noticing that my blog posts have gotten MUCH longer ever since I started to do a blog here! Before they were under even 85 words. Now they’re about double that!

This is only the beginning though as I’m continuing to grow throughout life itself. I’m hoping that someday my blog will skyrocket thanks to what I’m doing now.

If you enjoy my posts, don’t just follow me on WordPress…Follow me EVERYWHERE (Based on About Page)!


After my latest blog post I might’ve came up with some ideas for my blog. One of them is where I can be able to do a full blown story on my blog, as if it were to be a series of blogs where all of them together in a certain order would be a novel. Crazy isn’t it?

The problem is this: What story should I come up with to do something like this? Perhaps what can happen is that I’ll do some research on how to come up with a story. Then what will happen is I’ll create an outline. Finally, I will then create the story piece by piece. Of course a master document would need to be created in case I would want to turn it into an actual eBook!

I think it’s just an idea I have but we’ll see what will happen for the future! A new category will then be created called “Stories By KDS” so you guys can find them easily.

Hopefully something will pop into my head and YES Zeon is still in the works!

3 is a Magic Number for my Views…

It’s so weird every time I make a post because I feel like that every time I make one, I happen to get an instant 3 views, which is good don’t get me wrong! I wonder who those three are.

What I’m going to do since this is the last ever post number containing double digits is that the new category WILL come today since I’ll be having triple digits of my total posts from this point on!

Hopefully you guys will enjoy this category. And for my previous post I know I might’ve gotten a little personal there but hopefully you guys get me because all these things I’m doing in life can be very stressful you know!

Be prepared as the first post of truth is coming today!

“The One”? I don’t know?

So I’m at my mom’s job right now and there is definitely an opportunity for me to find out if “the one” is here meaning that someones daughter is here right now. She is about my age but I have no idea if she is it. It could be but I don’t know?

This was a problem I’ve always been having which is me looking for a significant other. It’s been with me for OVER FIVE YEARS. This information in this post I’m typing up right now WILL be included inside this typed journal I’m currently working on.

I’m also trying my very best to keep going with Zeon as well but it’s been tough because of too many things going on in my life. Even though I may seem chill, I’m really not on the inside. Like yesterday for example since I made a mistake for my transitions program.

If you enjoy my posts though, be sure to follow me and like my posts! Everything adds up as time goes by! That’s why the total views on my site is there so you can see how far I’ve came since the beginning of this blog!

I’m hoping though that “the one” IS closer than I think. I just don’t know for now.

New Journal For 2017??? Again???

I checked my handwritten journal just now and it looks like that I can’t even read my own handwriting! I’m like…dang…NET! Grr!

Well I didn’t shout dang out loud but I did say to myself that I couldn’t read my own handwriting so here’s what will happen now. I’m going to start over AGAIN (I know right?) onto a new journal and see where that one will lead me because handwriting it happens to be very complex. I WILL still get a non fiction book going but only this time it happens to be typed up instead of written.

The handwritten journals however will continue but will now become “unlisted” type journals instead of public so I can get better at writing by hand. It does help. Don’t get me wrong!

Hopefully this one journal I plan to do WILL be the one that will keep going all the way until next year! The school year is starting soon so now may be the BEST opportunity for me to start it and since I’m moving too!

I’ll give this typed journal a name as soon as I’ve came up with many entries for this. I’m hoping to keep going with it this time, just like I did with my blog!

Ways to get more traffic?

As I continue to make more and more posts on my blog, there’s one thing I did notice. I’m not getting that much attention for my blog and I don’t know why.

How do you get more people to come to your blog even if you keep posting? I honestly have no idea. Maybe what I should do is make a post in the Millionaire’s Digest at the MOST POPULAR hour. Of course I had to miss it this morning.

Hopefully you guys will be able to spread the word about my blog cause at this point I’m hoping that it will get more known since I’m making more posts every week.

Maybe what I’ll do is comment on many blog posts and see what happens!

The Hardest Math I’ve ever seen

Ever wonder what the hardest, most complicated math skills there are in the world, or perhaps the universe? Ranging from the easiest math (counting) to very complicated stuff that gets multi-dimensional, this is what I think is the hardest math in my opinion.

It’s not calculus, not integral calculus, or even differential equations, but I know it’s definitely not linear algebra.

It’s math that sums up our universe and beyond basically: MULTI-LINEAR ALGEBRA.

Don’t get me wrong but this is the hardest math subject I’ve ever know up to date! And don’t even think that this is high school math. It really isn’t. It’s something people who have engineering majors or something that take this kind of course in college. I know there is something that is much harder but I just don’t know what it is!

Perhaps I should use Khan Academy again so I can beef up on stuff for once!