My Dreams of Making History

Many people have so many dreams. Some happen to be with music. Others happen to be with inventing something. Some are just basic like becoming a sales person for example.

My dreams happen to be beyond that. I want to become someone that will make history while having autism at the same time. It will be a very tough process but I know that it WILL be possible to achieve.

I’m not writing this as a quote before you know it. I’m writing this post as starting a new category! Duh! With this category, I will be talking about all the dreams I’ve always wanted to have come true including with my series ZEON and other books possibly, music, becoming an advocate for autism, and more!

Want more posts involved with this category? Look through the posts in this section of my site and see what I’ve accomplished along with checking out some other posts I’ve made throughout my blog!

Every view counts so see how many YOU can read in this blog!