A new record! Three Likes in less than 2 hours!

I just checked my latest post and it looks like that I hit a new record which was getting three likes in less than two hours! Yay me!

BUT this is only the beginning since on some days I will make at least one post in EVERY category I’ve ever created mostly. There can be as many as 6-10 posts in one day since I LOVE being ambitious! Perhaps that way I’ll get more followers for sure!

Be sure to check out as many posts as possible to discover who I REALLY am!

I’m making several more posts today since I don’t have much going on during this time!


Is there a way to get more followers on WordPress?

I’ve been thinking…

And thinking…

How in the world do you get more followers on WordPress? I honestly don’t know.

I’ve tried many techniques and most of them aren’t working that well. So now it looks like the only way I’ll be able to keep getting the followers I want is if I not only keep posting but also post on other peoples blogs too!

Hopefully I will have the secrets and the techniques in order to obtain the followers I want. I also am trying to figure out how to generate more traffic as well.

Hopefully you guys will have some ideas for me! I think I had a de ja vu just now as I typed this. Maybe something WILL happen this time. HA!