101 Posts

I want to congratulate myself for reaching 100+ posts! BUT remember you guys that this is only the beginning of a never ending journey!

Now what I need to do is keep going with the major projects I’ve been working on. I think you may know what they are at this point depending if you check this blog often and if you followed me.

The school year will start soon so I might post less frequently depending how busy I get! Hopefully that won’t happen because I’m really trying to push my limits for putting myself out there!

Any ideas on how to get known even more for not only my blog but myself as well? Any advice will help!

3 is a Magic Number for my Views…

It’s so weird every time I make a post because I feel like that every time I make one, I happen to get an instant 3 views, which is good don’t get me wrong! I wonder who those three are.

What I’m going to do since this is the last ever post number containing double digits is that the new category WILL come today since I’ll be having triple digits of my total posts from this point on!

Hopefully you guys will enjoy this category. And for my previous post I know I might’ve gotten a little personal there but hopefully you guys get me because all these things I’m doing in life can be very stressful you know!

Be prepared as the first post of truth is coming today!

The Goal for 10+ Posts!

Again! I haven’t posting that much! BUT I’m going to see if I can make TEN POSTS OR MORE today so I can finally get more known to you guys! I’ve been kind of busy and haven’t had time to blog for who knows how long now! Hopefully this doesn’t happen again!

The way this will work is that I will post something in each category, including the very powerful category which will come on post 100! If you guys enjoy this kind of challenge that I’m doing, try it for yourself and see what happens!

I’m SERIOUSLY going to try and see if I can get 10+ posts going today so you guys can see what I’m trying to do! I may even start another category as well called “Dreams” since I talk about them A LOT!

If you guys absolutely love my posts, be sure to check out as many posts from me as you can because by doing that, you’ll add up the views on my stats! Remember as well that every post you see comes from the mind of someone with autism!

Wish me luck on this breathtaking challenge!

Let’s break the record for views today!

Okay guys! Feeling better after having a bad experience with resembling my trampoline. I want to see if I can break the record for most views in one day today!

The current record I think is 20 or 21 but I know that I can do much better than that! Even if it’s from only one visitor even, it still helps to add up the views by checking out my other posts!

I’m also trying to think of the best ways to get more attention even though I’ve been saying that for who knows how long now! I’m going to start blogging like crazy eventually. Once the school year starts though, things might get hectic for me but I’ll try to keep you guys updated as much as I possibly can.

This I believe is post number 91 so I’m only 9 posts away from post 100! I actually drafted the first truth post while I was having a difficult time. That’s exactly what truth posts are about which is very powerful posts containing uncommon information you usually don’t see from people. They might also be a little more mature rated but I’m not positive yet! Let’s hope that won’t happen!

Otherwise, let’s see if I can keep the posting going!


I don’t know why but for this blog I feel stumped. Along with the other major projects I’m working on.

What’s probably happening is that I’m still not getting as much attention as I wanted. I’m trying my very best to keep this blog going for as long as I can before another period of time of no posting happens. Maybe what I should do is comment on other peoples blogs. I have no idea.

If I try journaling again maybe that will help cause I haven’t done that for who knows how long now. Possibly about two weeks! What’s happening to me?

The good news though is that I’ve successfully made over 80 posts on my blog throughout the lifetime of it but I want that number to get up to three or even four digits! It will get to three once I reach over 100 posts.

Any idea on how to get more known from my blog?

Guess what? I joined Twitter!

Busy with the move but have time to write a new blog post!

I recently figured out why I might not be getting enough followers that I always wanted. It’s because I need more social media in order to get more! That’s why it’s now official that I’ve joined Twitter!

Everything that I post from now on will appear on Twitter AND Google Plus. So if people want to discover me they now can thanks to the social networking that I’m on! I may create more accounts as I build up my blog!

Hope you guys enjoy to continue going through my current posts and my archived posts too! Remember that the 100th post will be the start of a new category called TRUTH POSTS, which is a category containing the most powerful posts I’ll ever make. It is intended for almost anyone as long as they can handle what will happen in those rare posts.

If you guys have any suggestions for how I can build up my audience, please don’t hesitate to comment on my posts! Remember: I’m MOST ACTIVE on my blog currently!

Gotta keep posting! Grr!

I know I should use more pictures for my posts but the question is what pictures?

But that’s not what this post is about! It’s about that I have to keep posting about myself or else the audience I really want will never come! This is why I have been very active for the past month mainly because I know that I can get my audience built up in no time without having to worry about so many things thanks to my blog.

If I don’t post anything for some time, that’s because I’ve been very busy with the move to the new house with my family. It’s not my fault that I have to move. In fact I don’t mind moving because once I move, there will be MUCH MORE opportunities for me to get out there! Let’s hope that they’re all good most of the time.

This right here happens to be my 77th post I think. Only 22 left until I make the first truth post, which will be a very long, deep post so brace yourself when I make it!

I’m going to see how many more posts I can make today and see if I can break my record for most posts in one day which was 6.