Aspire Autism Title is REPLACED!

Got some news for you guys!

It looks like that the title for Aspire Autism will NO LONGER EXIST due to the current creations I’m working on and since 165 Entries AND this new journal series I’m handwriting happens to be in the game. If you saw my posts about Aspire Autism, that title for a nonfiction book is no longer in existence.

I think the handwritten journal series that I’m doing (which will be turned into text once I know what I’m doing in my computer) will be called A Life to Write. I’m not sure yet because this journal series was recently started.

What I’m also thinking of doing is showing you guys pictures of what I’m doing so that way you can get an idea of what I’m trying to accomplish! Just a thought though.

Now to write entry 4 in this handwritten journal.


An opportunity that just can’t be accepted…

I was just looking at something from the Millionaire’s Digest and I saw that they were taking people to be a part of the team. It was the KEY for me to get the attention I needed.

This is what happened to be honest.

When I saw that you cannot talk about yourself, that’s what threw me off along with revealing your real name (First AND last!). I really wish I could do such an opportunity in order to get all the attention I wanted but I already have my own blog and I also want to do my own thing. That’s what makes my blog…my blog.

I’m very sorry Millionaire’s Digest. I wish I could become a part of the team but I just can’t. Some of the hard work I already did for my blog has happened. Yes I would be able to get much more attention but at the same time sacrifices would be made including how I manage to get all the attention needed for the future.

I’ll send a comment on that post and see if they can look at this post I made because I feel bad that I might not be able to do this.

New record for today! 16 likes!

Right when I got onto my WordPress blog today and saw the notifications icon, I was SHOCKED for how many views, visitors, and likes I’ve gotten in one day! That’s just awesome! 16 likes and counting for the grand total of 50-60 likes! Way to go you guys!

Now what I really need to do is amp up my productivity because if I can keep the blogging up who knows what could happen! All I can ask for you guys to do now is to spread the word so I can get even more known at this point.

Hopefully you guys will see what someone with autism CAN do for the future as big things WILL happen someday for me!

I HAVE GOT to sell stuff! (50th Post!)

My 50th post! YAY!

But now I have a new problem! It’s basically where I need to start selling stuff so I can clean up my place a little bit and make a little extra money! It’s stuff I really don’t have any use for anymore!

If you guys are interested in ANY of the following that I have please contact me at:

Here’s what I have that I may sell. IT’S NOT OFFICIAL YET.

JL Audio 10W3 Subwoofer Loaded in Sealed Enclosure

Dayton Audio 15″ Dual 8 Ohm Subwoofer Driver

Seismic Audio Tremor 18″ PA Subwoofer (2011-2012 Model)

I also need help on finding the BEST way to sell my stuff! What do you guys think I should use? Any TRUSTED place will be helpful (Like eBay for example)!

Wish me luck on the stuff I might sell!

The Fourth Post in One Day: An Update on Stuff

I created more categories, made my site look MUCH better featuring post counts, and I’m now officially ready to take on the big challenges! Yay!

If you want to figure out how to navigate my site, look in the About Section of KDS! Remember that this site is ALWAYS being constantly updated so make sure you’re on top of things as I still need to update myself! HA!

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