Making music just isn’t my thing anymore…

Wow this really sucks.

I’m getting better at writing but I’m still not getting my creative spike back for making music like I used to. It’s not only because I’m drained of creativity but perhaps is because I just got sick of making that stuff.

All the songs I ever created were in the past. Now a days even in Garageband, I can’t seem to do anything anymore. The program I used to make all my music is (drumroll) Logic Pro 9. It was fun using that program but I think it’s time I moved on to something much better.

Don’t get me wrong! I still like music! Just not as much for making it for now.

Hopefully something will give my creative spike back because writing currently has it for me, especially for blogging!

Time to Take a Break from Music

It looks like my music talent isn’t going to improve anytime sooner so this means that it’s official. I’m taking a break from music for the next few months!

Why you ask? It’s because I am not only out of ideas as of now but it’s also because the program I’m using to create my music happens to take up a TON of space. I mean in Gigabytes space! I could get the program for my laptop but that’s not going to work since it will take up too much space AND even drain my battery possibly.

I’m really sorry I can’t continue to make music but hopefully you get why. I have made too many songs for the past 1.5 years anyways! My music talent WILL resume in August 2016 to November 2016 hopefully.

Just because I stopped my music talent doesn’t mean that I will stop my writing talent oh no way! THAT is still on! Mainly because I have got to move to another house. The only way I’ll be able to is to keep going with my writing talent so that way I can finally show my family that I DO have the potential to make a finish product!

More information to be revealed about this writing talent of mine!