“The One”? I don’t know?

So I’m at my mom’s job right now and there is definitely an opportunity for me to find out if “the one” is here meaning that someones daughter is here right now. She is about my age but I have no idea if she is it. It could be but I don’t know?

This was a problem I’ve always been having which is me looking for a significant other. It’s been with me for OVER FIVE YEARS. This information in this post I’m typing up right now WILL be included inside this typed journal I’m currently working on.

I’m also trying my very best to keep going with Zeon as well but it’s been tough because of too many things going on in my life. Even though I may seem chill, I’m really not on the inside. Like yesterday for example since I made a mistake for my transitions program.

If you enjoy my posts though, be sure to follow me and like my posts! Everything adds up as time goes by! That’s why the total views on my site is there so you can see how far I’ve came since the beginning of this blog!

I’m hoping though that “the one” IS closer than I think. I just don’t know for now.


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