This week might get CRAZY.

I figured out a unique trick on how to get the audience I always wanted.

Here’s how it will work: I will post possibly 10 posts OR MORE in one day for the next week or two and see what happens. I found out that someone did that for I think three weeks and this person got a boost of followers from 0 to 450 of them! I’m going to try the same thing that this person did and see what happens!

That’s what happens when you keep blogging nonstop! It’s really the golden way to get the audience you’ve always wanted. Blogging could be a game you know but it’s real life and real time!

The question will come to this: What should I talk about? Perhaps anything that appears to be going on in my life that’s what! Or what I can do, since this is my blog, is make posts about myself BUT I can’t start the truth posts until starting at post 100, like I said before in my previous posts.

But anyhow, this week could get crazy cause I will be blogging like there is no tomorrow. I wonder what the record is for most posts done in a day. Silly me because now I’m talking too big of a scale here. HA!


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