New Journal For 2017??? Again???

I checked my handwritten journal just now and it looks like that I can’t even read my own handwriting! I’m like…dang…NET! Grr!

Well I didn’t shout dang out loud but I did say to myself that I couldn’t read my own handwriting so here’s what will happen now. I’m going to start over AGAIN (I know right?) onto a new journal and see where that one will lead me because handwriting it happens to be very complex. I WILL still get a non fiction book going but only this time it happens to be typed up instead of written.

The handwritten journals however will continue but will now become “unlisted” type journals instead of public so I can get better at writing by hand. It does help. Don’t get me wrong!

Hopefully this one journal I plan to do WILL be the one that will keep going all the way until next year! The school year is starting soon so now may be the BEST opportunity for me to start it and since I’m moving too!

I’ll give this typed journal a name as soon as I’ve came up with many entries for this. I’m hoping to keep going with it this time, just like I did with my blog!

This week might get CRAZY.

I figured out a unique trick on how to get the audience I always wanted.

Here’s how it will work: I will post possibly 10 posts OR MORE in one day for the next week or two and see what happens. I found out that someone did that for I think three weeks and this person got a boost of followers from 0 to 450 of them! I’m going to try the same thing that this person did and see what happens!

That’s what happens when you keep blogging nonstop! It’s really the golden way to get the audience you’ve always wanted. Blogging could be a game you know but it’s real life and real time!

The question will come to this: What should I talk about? Perhaps anything that appears to be going on in my life that’s what! Or what I can do, since this is my blog, is make posts about myself BUT I can’t start the truth posts until starting at post 100, like I said before in my previous posts.

But anyhow, this week could get crazy cause I will be blogging like there is no tomorrow. I wonder what the record is for most posts done in a day. Silly me because now I’m talking too big of a scale here. HA!

This might’ve helped me out! Just keep blogging!

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via 15+ Ways to Boost your Website Traffic (4 min read) — The Millionaire’s Digest

Must sell my music! But how???

Here’s what I’m thinking.

I have all these songs I created and I’ve been trying to find ways to sell them without having to pay so much! The question is: what is the best way to sell these songs that I created?

Hopefully you guys will have an idea on what I could do cause my only option currently is CD Baby, which is where I did my first album even though it’s not the best. But I’m hoping that I can figure out a way to get out there and start selling the songs I’ve got!

Any thoughts on what I can do to sell my stuff?


I don’t know why but for this blog I feel stumped. Along with the other major projects I’m working on.

What’s probably happening is that I’m still not getting as much attention as I wanted. I’m trying my very best to keep this blog going for as long as I can before another period of time of no posting happens. Maybe what I should do is comment on other peoples blogs. I have no idea.

If I try journaling again maybe that will help cause I haven’t done that for who knows how long now. Possibly about two weeks! What’s happening to me?

The good news though is that I’ve successfully made over 80 posts on my blog throughout the lifetime of it but I want that number to get up to three or even four digits! It will get to three once I reach over 100 posts.

Any idea on how to get more known from my blog?