I’m timing myself. How long will this take?

Okay! So here’s what I’ve been thinking!

I’ve been thinking about timing how many minutes it REALLY takes to write a book. That’s right. I’m timing myself every time I work on my series Zeon.

What I’ll do is that since I started to work on Zeon, I’ll give myself a 75 minute boost since it possibly took that long to outline the plot for the first book. From this point on, I’ll need to have a set time in order to work on this series so I can finally get something done out of it!

And all I have to do…is WRITE. No close editing. No word fixes. No even proofreading until the last chapter! JUST HAVE TO WRITE!

Guess what? I joined Twitter!

Busy with the move but have time to write a new blog post!

I recently figured out why I might not be getting enough followers that I always wanted. It’s because I need more social media in order to get more! That’s why it’s now official that I’ve joined Twitter!

Everything that I post from now on will appear on Twitter AND Google Plus. So if people want to discover me they now can thanks to the social networking that I’m on! I may create more accounts as I build up my blog!

Hope you guys enjoy to continue going through my current posts and my archived posts too! Remember that the 100th post will be the start of a new category called TRUTH POSTS, which is a category containing the most powerful posts I’ll ever make. It is intended for almost anyone as long as they can handle what will happen in those rare posts.

If you guys have any suggestions for how I can build up my audience, please don’t hesitate to comment on my posts! Remember: I’m MOST ACTIVE on my blog currently!

I’ll be busy this coming week.

I know I haven’t posted anything for the past two days but I want to let you guys know that I MIGHT be busy with the move to the new house this coming week. If you don’t see me posting anything at all for the next few days, this is why.

I’ll try my very best to keep posting for as much as I can during and beyond this time because I seriously want my audience to expand more as I continue to make more and more posts. Hopefully you guys will spread the word that someone wth autism is trying to make history!

I’ll also have to see if I can find other ways to get more views and likes on my posts. Also remember that Zeon is in the works! If I CAN get the first book done, I will let you guys know when the release date will be!

Let’s see if I can keep posting for the time being. My audience is crucial for getting me all the attention I always wanted!

Now I’m starting to draw blanks! HA!