A So Called Zeonic Update

I know the title happens to be a funny one. HA!

I’m almost done with planning out the possible plot for Zeon: A Rising Myth. Turns out to be a pretty cool plot as far as I know but once the book is written hopefully the plot will start to settle in stone, even though it isn’t set in stone.

Remember though! This first book in the series happens to be a NOVELLA, which has the average length of 30,000-60,000 words! Most of the books in the series ARE NOT novels. The Zeonic Epics will happen to be the ones that are full featured book lengths, just like some of the Harry Potter books!

It is most likely that the Zeonic Epics will be some of the longest books ever written and the longest books I’ve ever written. I’m not there yet though! Still have to start the series! I have got to stop dreaming big and start doing big!

I’m going to work on the rest of the plot outline for Zeon: A Rising Myth right now and see what happens!

Author: kalinkds

KDS is owned by an individual with a mental disorder known as Autism. Kalin W. is the owner of KDS, known by the full name as "An Idea of Autism." With the passion of making music, writing, and even networking with new people, he continues onward to an infinite journey of greatness. As of 2019, he has released three albums with a fourth album in the works.

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