A So Called Zeonic Update

I know the title happens to be a funny one. HA!

I’m almost done with planning out the possible plot for Zeon: A Rising Myth. Turns out to be a pretty cool plot as far as I know but once the book is written hopefully the plot will start to settle in stone, even though it isn’t set in stone.

Remember though! This first book in the series happens to be a NOVELLA, which has the average length of 30,000-60,000 words! Most of the books in the series ARE NOT novels. The Zeonic Epics will happen to be the ones that are full featured book lengths, just like some of the Harry Potter books!

It is most likely that the Zeonic Epics will be some of the longest books ever written and the longest books I’ve ever written. I’m not there yet though! Still have to start the series! I have got to stop dreaming big and start doing big!

I’m going to work on the rest of the plot outline for Zeon: A Rising Myth right now and see what happens!



The nonfiction book 165 Entries has been cancelled due to my handwritten journal series. I’m really sorry that this is late notice but I’ve been forgetting to tell you guys this! Zeon continues though but this nonfiction book is not continuing.

This is why you aren’t seeing more posts like that anymore. I WILL keep them though because all posts on my blog (except for one of them maybe) count towards my site!

I’m hoping to get the handwritten journal going because I really want to accomplish something awesome! Like really awesome like never before!

Keep the viewing going you guys and the liking too! I want to see those stats digits add up on my site!

Gotta keep posting! Grr!

I know I should use more pictures for my posts but the question is what pictures?

But that’s not what this post is about! It’s about that I have to keep posting about myself or else the audience I really want will never come! This is why I have been very active for the past month mainly because I know that I can get my audience built up in no time without having to worry about so many things thanks to my blog.

If I don’t post anything for some time, that’s because I’ve been very busy with the move to the new house with my family. It’s not my fault that I have to move. In fact I don’t mind moving because once I move, there will be MUCH MORE opportunities for me to get out there! Let’s hope that they’re all good most of the time.

This right here happens to be my 77th post I think. Only 22 left until I make the first truth post, which will be a very long, deep post so brace yourself when I make it!

I’m going to see how many more posts I can make today and see if I can break my record for most posts in one day which was 6.