75 And Still Alive.

My 75th post. I don’t believe it. And guess what? I managed to get this far. FINALLY.

Now after this post there will be only 20 some posts left to go until I release a very special post, which will happen to be the 100th post I’ve ever made on this blog. I’m glad that some people were able to comment on my posts today. Now I just need to figure out ways to get my audience engaged so it will continue to grow.

I really should start to draft the first ever truth post so I can get a feel for what I plan on writing about for these special posts. Hopefully I will make a TON of posts for the next week. That way I can finally say that I have three digits of posts in my blog.

If you guys can, be sure to look at my ARCHIVES in my blog so you can discover who I really am! And if you enjoy my blog so much, follow me! Always open to anyone following me!

And that KDS logo you’re seeing there was also custom made by me. If you are still reading this, good for you because you’re reading posts coming from the mind of someone with autism!

75 down. INFINITE posts to go.


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