My goodness! How did I end up with 35+ posts in one month???

I was thinking about something and here’s what happened.

I was thinking back for how many posts I’ve made for the past few weeks and all I can say is that I have no idea how in the world I ended up with OVER 35+ POSTS in one month! I really should do 50+ every month that’s what!

Maybe what I should do more often is make posts in the categories I created for my site so there WILL be more content for people to see! I’m hoping that I CAN keep this up because if I do I WILL get all the attention I always wanted!

I hope you guys always found my blog very interesting because this is only scratching the surface of me becoming a successful blogger and possibly beyond that! Remember this: There is NEVER an end to blogging!

My Most Popular Hour on This Blog: Updates on ZEON

I figured that I should make a blog post when it is close to my most popular hour which happens to be 10PM currently. That seems to be the time when I get the most attention so I’m going to give it a try and see what happens!

So here’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve been making plans for what will happen for the future and I also wrote a little bit of the plot outline for the first book in my series Zeon. I have also created this really cool flyer sort of picture today as well so you guys can get excited for the first so called novella in the series!

I hope you like the picture above as I’m trying to get as much attention as possible from you guys so I can get going on this series!

Questions? Comment on my blog posts if any!