Time to go for the so called “Zeonic Ways”!

As I continue to work on ZEON, it still is going to be a series but with a twist that I’m thinking of.

As of right now, I may cut the length of the book into a possible NOVELLA LENGTH mainly because I want to lead up the story of Zeon to something called a Zeonic Epic, which would be double or more the length of a regular Zeon book. That means if I’m going to do that, I may not want an editor because of cost, time, search, and even how the story will be in the entire series.

If I’m going to do that as well, then it will be like a TV show but different of course since it happens to be in book form. What will happen is that there will be a volume and that volume will have a certain amount of books in it. Each volume is like a season of a TV show for example, just in book form.

I think I WILL like this idea so that way the stories for my series can come out faster even though the Zeonic Epics may take a while (6-18 months to write one?). Hopefully you guys get what I mean!

I’m going to work on it right now and see what I can come up with! I also thought of something which is that regular Zeon books WON’T need a pre-plot because of their length! The release date may change for the first book now? I have no idea!

Okay enough said! Time to get moving!