Get ready for a SPECIAL POST coming soon!

I have some news for you guys.

Since I’m only about 30 posts away from my 100th post, I’d figured that my 100th post should be something special. If you guys think I’m going to do a giveaway or something like that, you’re wrong!

This special post will be known as a TRUTH POST, a new category where it only has posts that happen to be very meaningful not only to me but hopefully to others too. They will also contain stories about me and why I’ve come a long way up to this point.

BUT the catch is that these types of posts won’t start until the 100th post. So keep an eye out on how many posts I’ve got, even if you need to count them up manually! The best way to add up how many posts I’ve written is to go into the categories or achieves and add up the amount of posts in ONLY ONE of the sections. Hopefully that helps you guys!

Stay updated! Time WILL fly by so be ready!


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