Aspire Autism Title is REPLACED!

Got some news for you guys!

It looks like that the title for Aspire Autism will NO LONGER EXIST due to the current creations I’m working on and since 165 Entries AND this new journal series I’m handwriting happens to be in the game. If you saw my posts about Aspire Autism, that title for a nonfiction book is no longer in existence.

I think the handwritten journal series that I’m doing (which will be turned into text once I know what I’m doing in my computer) will be called A Life to Write. I’m not sure yet because this journal series was recently started.

What I’m also thinking of doing is showing you guys pictures of what I’m doing so that way you can get an idea of what I’m trying to accomplish! Just a thought though.

Now to write entry 4 in this handwritten journal.


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