Comeback to music for KDS?

Here’s what I’m thinking for the last day or two.

Since I have everything I need AND since I overlooked something in Logic Pro, I figured out something. What if I backup everything on my MAIN computer and then delete everything on that main one since so much space is taken up on that computer?

The reason why I would do this though is because so that way I can make music again but this time with a twist! I’ll have the extra content!

Hopefully KDS will have a COMEBACK finally to music once and for all! Also check out my YouTube channel KDS Official for AWESOME music created by someone with autism!

Have Got to Keep Going

I know I missed yesterday to post something AGAIN. But for the most part that ends TODAY.

The time has come where I have no choice but to get as much done with my life as I possibly can because if I don’t keep going and continue to be lazy with everything then who knows if I’ll ever be able to accomplish something.

I have made 50+ blog posts at this point however now some of them, in rare cases, happens to be shared posts from other bloggers. Hopefully I remember that several of my posts in the lifetime of this blog were from other bloggers. Shouldn’t be a big deal though.

Now here’s a question I have for you guys even though I did read an article about this just before I wrote this post: How do you make something go viral?

Hopefully I’ll have the answer to that question soon!