I HAVE GOT to sell stuff! (50th Post!)

My 50th post! YAY!

But now I have a new problem! It’s basically where I need to start selling stuff so I can clean up my place a little bit and make a little extra money! It’s stuff I really don’t have any use for anymore!

If you guys are interested in ANY of the following that I have please contact me at:


Here’s what I have that I may sell. IT’S NOT OFFICIAL YET.

JL Audio 10W3 Subwoofer Loaded in Sealed Enclosure

Dayton Audio 15″ Dual 8 Ohm Subwoofer Driver

Seismic Audio Tremor 18″ PA Subwoofer (2011-2012 Model)

I also need help on finding the BEST way to sell my stuff! What do you guys think I should use? Any TRUSTED place will be helpful (Like eBay for example)!

Wish me luck on the stuff I might sell!

Only One Post Away from 50 Posts

Not including this post, it looks like I have only one more post until I reach post number 50. Remarkable isn’t it? It actually isn’t because if I kept going since March 2016, I would be well over post 150 by now!

Never mind that though! It looks like I have a chance now since yesterday was a record breaker. I managed to get I think 10-11 likes on my posts from yesterday. Wow is all I can say! Let’s see if that record can be broken this time! 15 will be the magic number!

As far as visitors go, I think I should get an average of 10-15 visitors a day. Perhaps more. I don’t know. I’ll think about it!

What should my 50th post be anyways? No idea but it should be something cool!