4/165: Stop wasting time and do something for the better!

Okay! I missed a day to post something in my blog yesterday which I felt was very stupid of me because I seriously want to be on top of everything these days but just can’t seem to do that.

That being said, for this post in the challenge, I want to tell you guys something. You know how people just waste time sometimes, playing video games including the all mighty Pokémon Go app? Not saying that I’m a hater for that game don’t get me wrong! What I’m trying to say is that sometimes, actually most of the time, people just waste time doing things that lead to nowhere and video games happens to be the perfect example. Well I’m here to tell you guys that video games and being lazy WILL get you nowhere in life. While time is flying out of our hands so fast, do something for once in your life! Write a book, show everyone your creativity and talents, make music, help out people, even get more productive! It all helps since it can add up to something BIG!

I’m no experienced motivational speaker but I can tell you guys that there ARE greater things out there that you guys may not realize. They may seem unreachable but are they obtainable? Yes! They are! You just have to keep on going! Even I myself tend to not keep going sometimes but guess what? I try my best to in order to get stuff done. With this kind of mindset, you can do something that you never thought possible.

If you enjoyed reading this post (and hopefully you did), check out my other posts to discover who I am! Also remember that once this challenge of mine is complete, it will be available as an eBook called 165 Entries! Keep an eye out for any posts on my blog that happen to have a number out of a number before the title!

Okay I think I said enough since I’m probably making you guys bored now. Wish me luck as I’m continuing to make progress towards a better life.


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