2/165: It’s Already Getting Tough

As I type this in a master document for the book 165 Entries, the challenge is already starting to get a little bit difficult. Something ALWAYS tells me that I can’t do it. Well guess what? I’m going to stop listening to that voice because I’m sick and tired of not doing anything. Hopefully things will get better as I move to my new place. The new place will mean new opportunities!

This morning was kind of stressful mainly because I had to help my sister move some stuff from the old house into the car. It was a pain in the neck because my dog wouldn’t stop with getting in the way for example along with this box that keeps shifting around in the car so to speak. Yes, I am typing this in the car as I speak.

So here’s how this challenge works. Basically what I’m doing is that for every post I make in this WordPress challenge, I type it in Word and then copy and paste the title and the post itself into my blog. Remember that every time you see a symbol that looks like 23/165 for example, that means, including this one, you’re reading a post from the challenge I was doing. Once the challenge is complete, I will then save the ENTIRE master document into a PDF or whatever type of file I need and publish it as an eBook. Pretty cool huh? I came up with this idea yesterday! HA!

Hopefully like my other posts you’ve seen on my blog you’ve found this interesting. I know I myself find this interesting! Let’s hope that this challenge continues as I make my way through the obstacles of life itself along with this challenge of doing 165 posts. I know that the number 165 is a big one but it IS possible to do something like that!

I will call an end to post number 2 for this challenge. If I feel that I left something out that will be for tomorrows post or for another post NOT in the challenge today.

Let’s see if I WILL keep going which I know I will this time!

Author: kalinkds

KDS is owned by an individual with a mental disorder known as Autism. Kalin W. is the owner of KDS, known by the full name as "An Idea of Autism." With the passion of making music, writing, and even networking with new people, he continues onward to an infinite journey of greatness. As of 2019, he has released three albums with a fourth album in the works.

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