Sorry I Wasn’t Posting!

I’m really sorry you guys that I haven’t been posting that much since I’ve been having a hard time with life these days. But now things are good.

As of now I have officially committed that I won’t be making more music until late 2016 due to space on my computer and even me being drained of creativity. The writing stuff is STILL on! Just need to get my butt up and moving for that stuff before I become lazy once again!

If you haven’t be sure to check out the archives of my blog kds407 so that way you can discover who I am and why I’m doing this blog! Lots of interesting stuff so far all from the mind of someone with autism!

Wish me luck as I continue my quest for becoming a Warrior of Autism!

Author: kalinkds

KDS is owned by an individual with a mental disorder known as Autism. Kalin W. is the owner of KDS, known by the full name as "An Idea of Autism." With the passion of making music, writing, and even networking with new people, he continues onward to an infinite journey of greatness. As of 2019, he has released three albums with a fourth album in the works.

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