Time to Take a Break from Music

It looks like my music talent isn’t going to improve anytime sooner so this means that it’s official. I’m taking a break from music for the next few months!

Why you ask? It’s because I am not only out of ideas as of now but it’s also because the program I’m using to create my music happens to take up a TON of space. I mean in Gigabytes space! I could get the program for my laptop but that’s not going to work since it will take up too much space AND even drain my battery possibly.

I’m really sorry I can’t continue to make music but hopefully you get why. I have made too many songs for the past 1.5 years anyways! My music talent WILL resume in August 2016 to November 2016 hopefully.

Just because I stopped my music talent doesn’t mean that I will stop my writing talent oh no way! THAT is still on! Mainly because I have got to move to another house. The only way I’ll be able to is to keep going with my writing talent so that way I can finally show my family that I DO have the potential to make a finish product!

More information to be revealed about this writing talent of mine!


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