A long Way Away

I just don’t get how others reach their long term goals. This happens to be the easiest yet the hardest thing I could possibly do in life. The amount of times I’ve ever hit a long term goal was only a few. In order to make my dreams come true, it’s a long way away.

At least the good news is that Aspire Autism is still up on its feet. Hopefully it will stay like that for the next several months. It’s amazing for how fast time goes by. Time could be an illusion but who knows!

For my music I haven’t been making a whole lot since I’ve been stumping on my musical ideas a lot these days. Not only that but for my DJ system, I need to find out and see if I can get one that is really loud and also compact too!

Other than that it’s time to see what lies ahead of not only me but us too!


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