This is just plain FRUSTRATING!

I tried so hard to customize my site on WordPress and for some reason, I’m having much difficulty working on something like that. I don’t know how other people do it but it’s became such a frustrating process.

How could you guys help me out with this problem? I tried even looking up how to customize the site I have! I’m seriously not having it today all because this is so frustrating!

Hopefully this problem gets resolved soon because I want as many people to visit my site as possible! Trying to accomplish big things here!

Give me as much advice as you possibly can if possible!


One thought on “This is just plain FRUSTRATING!”

  1. If you plan on taking your blog seriously, and to the next level, and you want to customize it completely, then your only option is to self-host. Sign up for web hosting, install WordPress on your own, and customize completely.


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