Tomorrow Marks the Tenth!

Guess what?

It looks like that Aspire Autism will hit entry 10 tomorrow! How cool is that? I just need to keep going with the journal and other stuff too as it WILL ADD UP overtime! That’s what is cool about long term projects or grand tasks. They add up like this blog I’m doing for example since this is day 12 or 13 that I’ve posted since the creation of my site. Better keep going so things will fall into place!

Also be on the lookout for anything new that comes up to my YouTube channel along with ANYTHING I created! Things come when you least expect it! The only things that are NOT unexpected are my major creations or grand tasks such as Zeon for example. I discovered that I shouldn’t work on my series Zeon until I have read at least a few books. Maybe several even! The more, the better!

Okay! Let’s get moving here!


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