Man I’m Stumped on Zeon!

You guys don’t know this but recently I have been making MAJOR changes to my series Zeon as the original plot just wasn’t working out. Now these days I thought I was getting it but due to me running out of ideas, I can’t seem to work on it even though the ideas I commonly get are awesome!

Maybe you guys could help me out with this? I really have no idea. But hopefully my creativity comes back and will be awesome like always!

And in case you’re wondering what the plot is for the first book in the series, it’s basically about an entity named Iz that awakens on planet Zore thanks to a robber that managed to reach this ancient shrine. On the other side of the planet, there lies a colony, also known as Colony V, where the main character Bill discovers from someone that the shrine of Iz has been awakened. Bill sets off for a quest to see if he can awaken the shrine that was close to the shrine of Iz: The shrine of the god of planet Zore Zeon. The only problem is that at one point Bill finds a special weapon of some sort before he goes on his journey where it starts to act all weird on him as he makes his way throughout life since the day he found it.

That’s all the ideas I have for now. Hopefully more will come! Also be sure to check out my archive posts (Past Posts) to discover who I am!


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