Making It

Guess what guys? It’s official now. I’ve kept going with my journal Aspire Autism for a continuous week up to this point! Most of the time it was an easy task but now comes the next 14 days for this journal. I’m not sure if I will be able to make it but I have a high hope that I will make it this time.

The first journal in Aspire Autism will span for at least 8 months, or 200 some days. I know it sounds like A TON but in reality it isn’t. That’s something I like to call “chunking it out”. Doing that for any grand task really helps before you know it, especially for a journal I one time did that went to 101 entires. Yes. I managed to do that and I have no idea how.

Hopefully I WILL keep going cause this will be the only way to make it to success!


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