Making a Blog Site is Kind of Tricky

So as I was doodling around with my blog site, I noticed that it’s a little tricky to get everything organized.

Is there anyway I can be able to get help for organizing everything? This tends to happen with EVERYTHING I do mostly. I can’t help it! It’s who I am that’s what!

I’ll learn as time goes by!

kds407 New Features

There was one thing I noticed for why I wasn’t getting that much attention on my blog so far for the past week. It’s because I forgot to put in tags AND categories! What was I thinking? I should’ve known for who knows how long now!

Now I have categories and tags for every post I do. I will try my best to make sure that tags and the categories apply to every post I do from this point on.

Wish me luck as I continue my quest for success!

Three in One!

Yay! Looks like I’ve successfully made three posts in one day!

A new song is now on my YouTube Channel! Type in the YouTube search bar “KDS When Feelings Arise” and you should be able to find it! It is known as the BEST SONG I’ve made as of February 2016!

Now to keep going with everything I’m working on including Aspire Autism! Hopefully things WILL fall into place this time!

Wish me luck for staying productive!