Attempt Made with a Sudden End

Don’t let the title get to you! It’s called that basically because I started to make a video about patience and time lapses but it kind of failed due to that I have no idea how I would make it interesting AND good at least!

So now I’m back to doing what I’m usually doing except I discovered that I should exercise more because I gained a little weight from my moodiness. Good thing I have a trampoline to jump on!

Let’s see if I can make one more post today so I can successfully say that I’ve made three in one day. HA!

Only Time Will Tell

It looks like the only way to accomplish something so GRAND is where time will tell. It’s basically something I always struggled with for the past few years. I just need to be disciplined in having patience since patience is a virtue.

It’s how even this blog forms! It all adds up, especially for the long term concepts. Perhaps I should make a video about time and how time can make things so remarkable.

In fact let me make a video on that right now and see what happens…