Thoughts There, Thoughts Stuck

I have all of these great awesome ideas…only problem is that THEY’RE STUCK!

I have no idea how I can possibly get them out of my head unless some miracle happens! This is possibly why I can’t get certain things done all because even though I have the thoughts I can’t execute them.

What I think I should do is find out ways to stay focused for my talents and ideas. Hopefully something will happen. I know something will!

Aspire Autism UPDATE

You guys!

It looks like that I’ve made a decision for my non fiction book/journal Aspire Autism. I will no longer handwrite it due to complications that have came up including with transferring handwritten text to a computer. Aspire Autism is STILL on though!

I am also thinking about turing it into a series where I won’t journal for the next year but for the next FEW years! It’s just a thought that I’m having currently. This series of blogs could be a guide for my journaling too you know! I can look back at how many posts I’ve made and see how much I’ve progressed throughout since the beginning of this blog.

Since I’m typing it now, sadly I will have to start over but this time I will make sure that I keep going with it this time!

More posts coming very soon!